The newly married couple le punch And Guyana They just revealed the unimaginable. Attributed in an interview to Today they confessed that they were about to cancel the wedding a day early.

This Was Lele Pons and Guaynaa’s Wedding in Miami, Including a Special Waltz with Her Uncle Chayanne

Pons and Guaynaa said yes at the altar on Saturday, March 4 in Miami. The celebration is one of the most talked about, not only because it marked the union of two media figures, but also because it brought together so many famous faces like C.hayanne, Paris Hilton, Sebastian Yatra, Aitana, Johann Vera, Becky G, Nicole Garcia, Camila Cabello, Natti Natasha, Steve Aoki, among other things.

The wedding of Lele Pons and Guaynaa: a great party that brought together celebrities from all over the world

Sebastián Yatra (center) was one of the members of the court of honor along with brothers Ricky and Mau Montaner. The graph also shows Anitta. Photo:

But none of that would have happened if they had called off the wedding. Pons admitted that prior to the marriage there were heated arguments with her now husband.

The spouses accepted that they were about to cancel the wedding due to the workload that everything involved. “It was an ongoing process, We had three ongoing projects: there was the wedding, a television series and the record. We had to take so many things into account that sometimes we called each other and said: ‘I can’t take it anymore, I want to get rid of it and forget about the wedding, I don’t want to get married’” , expressed the artist.

In addition, the singer fell ill a day before his wedding. “The night before I poisoned myself with food and in the rehearsal scene I vomited all the plants to my father-in-law, with serum, the dog is lost,” Guayna told.

Pons also felt a bit fragile in terms of health. “He told me ‘what happens if I wake up like this tomorrow (on his wedding day)’, we are not married (he replied). He is the most important thing to me.” stated Pons.

Five days after their engagement, they released a video of their church wedding and celebration. The images were set to music by little boysong they released together.