Give me the money, give it to me now! Victim of an assault, a 17-year-old boy was paralyzed for several seconds when he heard the robber’s voice. Immediately he felt a large knife pressed against his face.

At the same ATM, however, he turned around to look at the subject. He got the surprise of his life. The assailant turned out to be his own father. He recognized him even though his face was covered with a gauze (hood).

The victim identified his father by his voice and eyes, Excelsior review.

The man approached his own son as he put his card in his pocket and took the money from the machine.

The events took place in Scotland in late November 2022 and went viral this week when the court ruling was announced.

The press emphasizes that the teenager went to withdraw 12 dollars from the ATM.

Dad, do you know who I am? Surprise question at the checkout

“Are you serious? Do you know who I am?” replied the son. What are you doing?’ he asked again.

According to this medium, the father first responded that he didn’t care who he was and then lowered the knife.

I don’t care who you are, the robber’s father is said to have said.

I’m sorry, I’m desperate, the man replied later.

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“I didn’t know it was my son,” said the attacker

The extraordinary story reached the court, where the thief was convicted.

The media reported that the young man ran to his home, in the city of Glasgow, where he related the unfortunate episode to his grandmother.

The father, who initially would have denied his involvement in the attempted robbery, was arrested by the police, who eventually found out what had happened at the ATM.

The 45-year-old was charged with attempted robbery and possession of a knife in a public place, Noticias Caracol reported.

Speaking to authorities, the father admitted: “I didn’t know he (his son) was at the ATM.”

Sheriff Andrew Cubie “jailed the father for 26 months”.