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The Pole led the creation of the new ChatuGPT. OpenAI CEO: His technical vision was extraordinary

As Sam Altman, president of Open AI, tweeted, Jakub Pachocki’s “overall leadership and technical vision was remarkable” while working on the new ChatuGPT language model. The Polish programmer is the leader of the organisation’s research team.

OpenAI was founded in 2015, but it got really loud about this organization at the end of 2022, when ChatGPT was made public. The tool – which can be tested by every Internet user today – surprisingly efficiently copes with even the most difficult tasks and boasts extraordinary knowledge on every subject.

In recent weeks or months, ChatGPT has passed, among others, medical exam in the USA, business MBA test, Polish high school diploma, j. Interestingly, there is even

The president of OpenAI praises the Polish scientist. “It’s his technical vision”

A few days ago, the OpenAI organization announced that ChatGPT is already using the latest GPT-4 language model, which is supposed to be even better and even more “intelligent” than its predecessor. Artificial intelligence is doing better now, e.g. with generating texts, and also knows how to produce videos and “watch” pictures.

OpenAI, through its CEO Sam Altman, admitted that GPT-4 was trained before employees “felt ready” to introduce the new model. The organization also admits that ChatGPT will still be refined.

The release of the most powerful language model to date became an opportunity to thank and congratulate the Polish scientist Jakub Pachocki working at OpenAI. As Altman wrote, without the Pole’s effort, the new model used by the chatbot would not have been created at all.

GPT-4 really was a team effort of our entire company, but it was Jakub Pachocki’s overall leadership and technical vision that was extraordinary and without it we wouldn’t be here today

– tweeted Sam Altman, one of the co-founders and current president of OpenAI.

Jakub Pachocki is a Polish programmer who has been working at OpenAI for over six years, and for almost a year and a half he has been the head of the organization’s research department. As the Pole explains in , the creation of GPT-4 required, among others, introducing more parameters on which the chatbot is based. ‘This basic formula hasn’t changed much over the years, but it’s still like building a spaceship where you have to fit all those little pieces together and make sure none of them break,’ the journal reads.

The new version of the chatbot, which was created largely thanks to the efforts of Pachocki, is already receiving very positive feedback. As the testers describe, the artificial intelligence from OpenAI is able to cope with tasks that the previous version of ChatuGPT could not, e.g. recognizes objects in pictures and can explain their meaning or uses.

ChatGPT using the new GPT-4 model is currently available only as part of the ChatGPT Plus subscription, which unfortunately is not cheap and costs $ 20 (PLN 88.20) per month. As part of the free option, only the older version of ChatuGPT is available.

Source: Gazeta


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