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How to send files by WhatsApp

How to send files by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is surely the application you use the most per day, unless you are one of the anti WhatsApp and in your circle it is common to communicate with other apps such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat or that you do not directly use chat applications. In addition, for the more than 2000 million WhatsApp user in the world, the application is the most common way of sending image files, videos, GIF files, PDF documents, Word or Excel documents … Sending a file via WhatsApp is simple and convenient, being able to use a compressed file of the zip, up to an .apk file, that is, an application for Android.

How files are sent by WhatsApp

The operation is the same as until now it happened with compatible files, and also, depending on the type of file, you may even be able to open it directly on your smartphone when they are, for example, compressed .zip files. Thus, if you want to send an image, but you do not want it to be processed by WhatsApp, which, as you know, reduces the quality a lot, you can send a jpeg or png file directly as a file and not as an image.

To use the function, you have to choose the file from the mobile file browser or, in the case of the iPhone, You must choose it from iCloud Drive, or from the Google Drive cloud, Dropbox etc. Since iOS 11, which in 2017 included a file browser, you can choose documents from any other location on your iPhone.


In this way, sending files via WhatsApp is extremely simple. In many, many cases, you you will avoid having to do it by email. Since WhatsApp is an application used by so many people, success is assured.

Now, we have to bear in mind that whoever receives our message may not be able to open it. A very typical example is that of the afiles containing the .zip extension. They must have an application installed that can open that particular type of file. If you don’t, the solution you have left is to send that file directly by email and open it from a computer. Or, use WhatsApp Web and download it directly to your computer.

The possibility of sending files by WhatsApp, implemented by developers in 2017, opened a new world of possibilities. It is only a sample of everything that an application of this type can do. This option is also available in other messaging applications such as Telegram or Signal.

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