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VOX asks the Court to impose a bond on Plus Ultra members

Vox has requested the Court of Instruction number 15 of Madrid, which investigates whether or not there was alleged embezzlement in the granting of the public ransom of 53 million euros to More Ultra, claiming a surety from the airline’s member partners.

The document, signed by the party’s legal vice secretary, Marta Castro, warns that the company “does not have any movable or immovable property”, and informs the court that flights are being carried out that “are not contemplated” in the viability plan.

On March 9, the Government approved the rescate from Plus Ultra with 53 million euros in loans from the SEPI Strategic Companies Solvency Support Fund, according to Efe.

This drew criticism from his competitors and opposition parties, including the PP, which requested the creation of an investigative commission in Congress considering that it is a “non-strategic” Spanish company, with a great weight of Venezuelan and Panamanian capital.

Apart from the parliamentary route, the rescue is being analyzed by the Madrid Justice at the request of the Clean Hands union – recently removed from the case for not meeting the requirements to prosecute – the PP and the VOX itself.

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VOX already appealed in mid-August the decision of the substitute judge Jaime Serret to unblock the second tranche of aid, 34 million euros, which was paid by SEPI a day later.

Now, the formation insists that Plus Ultra does not own any assets, something the airline already referred to yesterday when it reiterated that it is “publicly known” that it does not own aircraft, but that its system is based on an operating lease of fleet.

In addition, the VOX letter warns of “the realization of flights not contemplated in the viability plan”, specifically the PU851 and PU852 Madrid-Delhi and vice versa, operated on August 15 and 17, an indication – it maintains – that “They could be the origin of economic deviations with patrimonial significance in Plus Ultra.”

Therefore, it requests that the airline be released to provide the analysis of the real cost of these flights, and that the airport manager Aena to deliver flight orders and records.

Plus Ultra was the second airline, after Air Europa, to receive help from this fund, created in July 2020 to support solvent and viable strategic companies that the COVID-19 pandemic has put in a difficult situation

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