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Netflix’s European competitor enters Poland.  We know the date and price of SkyShowtime over the Vistula

Netflix’s European competitor enters Poland. We know the date and price of SkyShowtime over the Vistula

Netflix’s European competitor enters Poland.  We know the date and price of SkyShowtime over the Vistula

The new pan-European streaming service SkyShowtime launched in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on September 20, 2022. Then he entered to the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, and is now expanding its operations to other markets, including Poland.

SkyShowtime gave the start date of the service in Poland. We also know the prices

In recent days it has been speculated that , and now we have an exact and confirmed launch date. SkyShowtime announced that it will make the service available in Poland and seven other countries (Albania, Czech Republic, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary) on February 14 this year. Thus, already on Valentine’s Day, the number of markets where SkyShowtime is available will increase to twenty.

The platform also provided the price of the service in new markets. There will be one subscription option and in Poland you will have to pay PLN 24.99 a month for it. It is slightly more expensive in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Slovakia, where access to SkyShowtime will cost EUR 5.99 (PLN 28.23) and in the Czech Republic – CZK 179 (PLN 35.40). The Hungarians will pay a little less – 1999 forints (PLN 24.20), and the cheapest will be in Romania – EUR 3.99 (PLN 18.81).

As reported over the weekend, the platform previously admitted that each user would be able to create up to five profiles on the service and watch content on three devices at the same time. The video will be streamed in Full HD resolution.

What will we see on SkyShowtime? There will be known productions

SkyShowtime announces that it will “become home to the greatest blockbuster movies soon after their theatrical release”. From February 14 on the platform, we will see, among others: Ambulance, Downton Abbey: A New Era, Jerry and Marge Go Large, Jurassic World Dominion, Ray Donovan: The Movie, Redeeming Love, The Bad Guys, The Hanging Sun, The Northman and Top Gun: Maverick.

Viewers in debut markets will enjoy blockbuster releases from Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures, new SkyShowtime-exclusive series, family and children’s shows and a wide range of iconic films and series from Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount+, SHOWTIME, Sky Studios and Peacock – all on one streaming platform

– we read in the press release of the platform.

On SkyShowtime we will also find e.g. original programs, documentaries and dozens of series. The platform boasts that it recently acquired 21 original series from HBO Max in Europe. In 2023, the first two series of SkyShowtime production will also join – the Czech The Winner and the Polish Warszawianka. In addition, several local series from Central European countries are to be available – including from Romania and Croatia.

While the platform does not lack Hollywood hits and well-known and popular series, Netflix will have another, noticeably cheaper competitor in Europe.

The cheapest Netflix package – for one device, in HD resolution – currently costs PLN 29 per month. For two devices in Full HD resolution – PLN 43. The premium package for four devices in 4K Ultra HD is already PLN 60.

Source: Gazeta

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