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Beaskoetxea-López, first finalist couple of the Winter Series

Beaskoetxea-López, first finalist couple of the Winter Series

Euskaraz irakurri: Beaskoetxea-Lopez, Winter Serieseseko lehen bikote finalist

beaskoetxea Y Lopez They got the first ticket for the final of the Eusko Label Winter Series after winning in two sets (10-15, 8-15) a Olharan Y Basquewho until yesterday did not know defeat in this edition.

Gernika’s Jai Alai pediment was again full to attend the first semifinal of the championship. They faced the undefeated winner of group A against the second classified of group B. After the draw the initial kick went to the veteran couple, but the colorados soon regained the initiative: Olharan Y Basque They advanced 3-1but it turned out to be no more than a mirage, since with 6 goals in a row, the whites came from behind and reached the first half with a three-goal lead (5-8).

Back from the changing rooms, the Whites continued in the same vein, that is, working from time to time, taking little risk and making a reduced number of errors. In this way they took control of the first set: without chaining a long succession of goals, but with hardly any option for the oranges. 10-15 it was the final score of that first game.

The whites concluded they started the second set so much better than the first, since beaskoetxea Y Lopez they got 0-6 to command, leaving few options for Olharan Y Basque to be able to overcome the shock. In addition, the advantage on the scoreboard rose to seven points at the break (1-8).

Thus, the advantage of the whites already seemed too great to be able to play it off, despite the fact that the oranges made an effort. Both pairs had seven goals after the break, allowing Olharan Y Basque make up the result somewhat, but they were very far from being able to win the game and the match (8-15).

The veteran couple based their victory on charging the game to the back teams, to try to avoid the interventions of the Pau striker. The goals made and the superiority that he exerted Lopez in the back tables they were key for the Gernikarra and the Zumaiarra to qualify for the final.

In addition to the fact that the pass to the final was at stake, the match had another focus of interest. And it is that Diego Beaskoetxea had announced that, at the end of the Jai Alai Winter Series, he will retire, so the Gernika will say goodbye to the top basket playing a final in the Jai Alai cathedral.

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