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Apple VR headset will replace the iPhone

Bloomberg: Apple will promote its mixed reality headset as an iPhone replacement

Apple suggested that the future VR / AR headset will replace the smartphone and other gadgets. It is reported by Bloomberg.

According to agency journalist Mark Gurman, the release of the first augmented and virtual reality headset will be extremely risky for Apple. Gurman noted that some company executives are confident that the new device will eventually replace the iPhone and other consumer gadgets.

The material says that Apple will put its reputation on the line. Gurman said that the company will have to work hard to explain to consumers why they need a device costing more than $ 3,000 or about 205 thousand rubles. The company hopes that immersive video viewing, tight integration with other Apple products, and advanced FaceTime calls will appeal to consumers, but I doubt this approach will be enough.

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Mark Gurman summed up that in the case of the headset, Apple is launching a fundamentally new product. The author noted that when the iPhone was created, the phone market was quite developed, and “with the advent of the first iPad, the world was clearly ready for tablets.” Gurman also stressed that the first AR/VR headset would probably not be radically better than the iPhone or iPad, but would cost several times more than these devices. In this case, there is a high risk of the device failing to sell.

Earlier, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman said that the main feature of Apple’s mixed reality headset will be the ability to quickly switch between AR and VR modes. The device will also receive a sensor that monitors the user’s eyes.

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