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Apple updated old gadgets

Apple updated old gadgets

Appleinsider: Apple released iOS 12.5.7 for the 10-year-old iPhone 5s

Apple suddenly released an update for a smartphone that was released 10 years ago. This is reported by Appleinsider.

Journalists of the thematic portal noticed that the American company has released a series of updates for old gadgets. Among others, the corporation updated outdated smartphones – they released an update to iOS 12.5.7. The oldest phone to receive an update was the iPhone 5s introduced in 2013.

Also, the corporation’s engineers introduced the macOS Big Sur 11.7.3 update, designed for rare computers. The oldest devices on the list were the MacBook Air, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, released in 2013.

“Anyone who can get these new updates for older operating systems should install them as soon as possible,” journalists commented on the appearance of the updates. According to the authors, the updates do not bring new features, but include security patches that fix various vulnerabilities.

Earlier, PhoneArena journalists said that Apple could leave the iPhone X without a new version of iOS. Released in 2017, the device turned out to be the first smartphone of the American brand with a “monobrow”.

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