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AI passed a medical exam in the US. ChatGPT also managed to pass the MBA and the Polish matriculation exam

Students in started using ChatGPT for homework. , from those created by the AI ​​algorithm (artificial intelligence, pol. artificial intelligence). It turns out that machines are able to pass not only homework for students, but they also cope well with specialized tests in other fields.

AI passed the medical and business exams

ChatGPT passed all three parts of the US medical exam, reports. The scientists who conducted the test note that part one is intended for second-year students. To pass it, medical students spend hundreds of hours studying. The third part is already intended for people who have completed their studies. The analysis of the answers given by them showed that algorithms may help in the science of medicine in the future.

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However, it must be honestly noted that the AI ​​barely passed these tests and in all parts showed “only” about 50 percent. the correctness of the answer. However, the researchers relied on publicly available exam questions from the first half of 2022, and ChatGPT only has data up to 2021. which means it has not yet been verified by the scientific community.

ChatGPT also managed to pass the business MBA test. The study was conducted by Professor Christian Terwiesch of the Wharton School in Pennsylvania – . The scientist informed that the algorithm received a grade between B- and B, in the Polish system it would be a five, i.e. very good. Terwiesch found that the bot’s responses were excellent and it did an amazing job of process analysis and operations management. ChatGPT in the assessment was also able to adjust its responses very well when receiving guidance from a human.

For me, this is a spectacular discredit of the education system based on hysterically funny dots, procenciki and closed tests

– Krzysztof M. Maj, an academician and YouTuber dealing with education, commented on this.

ChatGPT passed his high school diploma in Poland

The Poles also decided to check whether ChatGPT could handle the Polish tests. gave the Polish language student AI answers to the matriculation exam question in Polish for evaluation. The portal notes that the algorithm would easily pass the test, especially since it takes only 30 percent to pass it. correct answers.

Similar conclusions were drawn by the one that tested how the algorithm would also cope with the eighth-grader exam. The AI ​​managed to pass both tests at the level of a 3 student. However, using ChatGPT in English gives much better results. It was also noted that the algorithm learns quickly.

Source: Gazeta


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