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Elon Musk wants to unblock Donald Trump on Twitter, but he announced that he will not “come back”

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announced the will to buy Twitter in mid-April (and received a positive response from the company’s management board two weeks later), shortly after acquiring over 9 percent. company shares. The buyout of the entire social networking site will cost him, a trifle, $ 44 billion, but so far Musk has argued that he is not buying Twitter for money, and has a higher goal. He wants the website to become “a bastion of freedom of speech on the Internet”.

Elon Musk to Unblock Trump on Twitter?

The embodiment of this idea would be, inter alia, unlocking on the platform. “Permanent bans should be extremely rare and reserved for accounts that are bots, scams, spam … I think blocking Donald Trump was inappropriate,” said Musk. The billionaire stressed that this ultimately led to Trump “having no vote.”

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As a reminder, Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account in January 2021 after his supporters attacked. He was then accused of “inciting violence” and removed from the platform to minimize the risk of, inter alia, further escalation of discontent from supporters of the former US president. CNBC reports that in the last six months of his term in office, before he was blocked, the average daily number of his tweets was 34. They were followed by as many as 80 million people.

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Donald Trump doesn’t want to go back to Twitter. It has its own platform

Elon Musk cooled the mood because he is still not a sole owner. In April, he presented a 100 percent purchase offer. Priced at $ 54.20 for every. A total of $ 44 billion, but the deal is yet to close. Still, he announced that he would lift Trump’s ban. However, the former president has already announced that he will “not return to Twitter”. Trump has created a new competitive platform – Truth Social.

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– I like Elon Musk. I like him very much. She is a great person. When I was in, we did a lot for Twitter. I was disappointed with the way the platform treated me. I do not intend to go back there – said Donald Trump.

Trump advised Musk to buy Twitter?

Devin Nunes, head of former President Donald Trump’s new company, said, “The former US president encouraged Musk to bid for Twitter. He was quickly denied by Elon Musk himself and said it was not true.” I have not communicated directly or indirectly with Trump, who publicly he stated that he would only use Truth Social, “he wrote on Twitter.

Source: Gazeta

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