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Tax refund?  It’s not yet.  CERT warns against emails from scammers

Tax refund? It’s not yet. CERT warns against emails from scammers

Tax filing time is approaching. Deadlines depend on the declaration we fill out. the most popular is. It applies to: employees, contractors, persons receiving pre-retirement or disability benefits or persons receiving scholarships. They must submit it from February 15 to April 30, 2023.

PIT 2023. When is the tax refund?

The tax refund can be expected within three months from the date of submitting the tax return – if the declaration was submitted in the form of a paper document or 45 days from the date of submitting the tax return – if it was made in the form of an electronic document via the Your e-service or via e-Declarations.

This means it’s not time yet. Fraudsters claiming to be state institutions, however, want to take advantage of our naivety and extort access to the account, under the pretext of a tax refund.

CERT warns against fraudsters

“Attention to the new variant of the campaign using e-mail. This time the scammers inform about the automatic tax refund and impersonate the National Tax Adm. The link in the message can be used to steal money from the account!” – warns CERT.

Suspicious e-mails should be reported at [].

The Ministry of Finance advises to be careful

In recent days, it has also been warned that fake messages in English are being sent by e-mail, whose author pretends to be (MF) or the National Revenue Administration (KAS). Opening links or attachments contained in such messages, as well as sending a reply to the sender, may result in infection with malware and transfer of our data to unauthorized persons.

“We urge you not to open links and attachments from e-mails from unknown senders, as well as not to reply to such messages” – warned the Ministry of Finance.


What, how and when to settle, what to watch out for, what changes in tax law have come into force and what are being prepared? Read more about these topics at the following link:

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