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This is what the perfect party looks like according to artificial intelligence. When you strain your eyes, it’s not so perfect

it is becoming an increasingly common tool not only in hands. One user shared photos generated by the Midjourney tool on social media. The effects are surprising, but still leave much to be desired. The details of the resulting photos can give you goosebumps.

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This is what the perfect party looks like according to artificial intelligence. Levitating hands and extra fingers

Twitter user Miles shared photos from the event on social media. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that the event never happened and the people in the photos simply don’t exist. To generate perfect photos resembling those taken with an analog camera, Miles used Midjourney, an artificial intelligence tool. At first glance, they are almost perfect, with perfect people and staff, but Internet users quickly noticed some shortcomings.

It turns out that Midjourney is not very good at generating such detail of the human body as hands. Almost all people in the photo have unnatural and distorted fingers, often with more fingers than normal. After looking at the smiling partygoers, one more disturbing detail can be noticed. Some of them have been equipped by artificial intelligence with more teeth than humans have.

Artificial intelligence has problems with diversity

Miles in one of the posts emphasized that Midjourney has unique difficulties in creating diversity. Artificial intelligence for the password “people” by default generates white people who look wealthy, and their beauty and figure fit into the modern canon of beauty. This problem also drew the attention of other Twitter users who criticized artificial intelligence setting unrealistic beauty standards for men and women.

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