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ChatGPT was founded on human suffering? “It was torture.” The secret has come to light

Since the beginning of the year, Open AI has been a sensation. The algorithms on which the program is based give you the opportunity to talk to him like a human. However, the journalists’ investigation sheds a completely new light on this platform.

ChatGPT had a problem with violence

ChatGPT owes its popularity to i.a. very large database that he has downloaded from and on the basis of which he corresponds to the users of the system. However, “Time” describes that at the very beginning of the creation of the Chatbot, its creators had a problem with violent, sexist and content that it also obtained from the Internet. Even from its darkest corners. The algorithm did not distinguish between what is “good” and what is “bad”. People were needed for this.

For this reason, OpenAI hired Sam’s outsourcing company to moderate the content downloaded by the algorithm. Her task was to manually review and select them. “Time” describes that they had to read e.g. graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse, rape, murder, suicide, torture and incest.

ChatGPT was founded on suffering?

An anonymous employee of the company who handled the moderation admitted in an interview with “Time” that the work exhausted him mentally. He says that he still cannot free himself from the image of a zoophile act with a dog in the presence of a child. “It was torture,” he says. Moreover, according to Time, employees could only benefit from group support, although Sam maintains that they could also benefit from individual advice.

More information from Poland can be found at

The traumatic experience of Sama’s employees led to it shortening its contract with OpenAI and ending it eight months early.

Workers in Kenya earned pennies

Those working on the Chatbot were not only exposed to traumatic experiences, but also had an inhumanly low salary, especially in the face of the psychological consequences it entailed. Depending on their experience and productivity, they earned between $1.3 and $2 an hour.

Time describes the investigation as revealing “the company’s best-kept secrets”. We are talking not only about the tragic working conditions, but also about admitting that the developed algorithm was not perfect and required human moderation. OpenAI admitted to using Samy’s services.

Source: Gazeta


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