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Lukas Podolski responds to Krzysztof Stanowski.  “Take care of the rent”

Lukas Podolski responds to Krzysztof Stanowski. “Take care of the rent”

He lost points for the first time on Sunday in 2022. The team from Częstochowa in the away game drew 1-1. The miners took the lead at the beginning of the match. In the 4th minute, Piotr Krawczyk scored a goal. Equalized Ivi Lopez in injury time from the penalty spot.

There was another goal in the second half, which was loud after the game ended. In the 91st minute, Bartosz Nowak scored a beautiful goal. However, the hit was not scored. The judges saw Nowak offside. The repetition showed that the burned was very, very small. Nowak had a piece of his knee exposed. The centimeter offside meant that he scored only one point, not three.

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The whole situation aroused a lot of controversy. Many people are convinced that the VAR should not intervene because the offside was very, very small. Defender of Jagiellonia, Błażej Augustyn, stated that it was “burned on a fingernail” and whistling them was pointless. Jan Urban was very angry, who said at the press conference that Górnik “lost” the match because of the VAR referee, who was Szymon Marciniak. He was also displeased, who posted an eloquent gif on Twitter, and in an interview with WP Sportowe Fakty stated that “VAR kills emotions too often”.

Skirmish of Podolski and Stanowski on Twitter. “Take care of the rent” and “Say hello to Łukasz”

However, there are also people who believe that the intervention of the VAR and the judge’s decision was absolutely right. Such people include, among others who on Twitter entered into discussions with Górnik’s fans. When one of the users with the nickname Adi asked him if he “can be objective”, Stanowski replied: “No, I can’t, because Górnik is indifferent to me. Only Mr. Adi can, because he is a Górnik supporter”.

Then Podolski replied to Stanowski. “Objectivity? Where is the moment when the pike goes out before the penalty kick and why was it not analyzed? Where is the cage with the moment of the offside pass and the recording from the car? level … “- wrote the player of Górnik Zabrze.

“No objectivity, something that the administrator of this account does not say anything. Say hello to Łukasz” – replied Stanowski, suggesting that the tweet was not written by Podolski himself, but by the person responsible for running his account.

Grnik Zabrze is currently on the sixth place in the league table. He has 32 points. The position of zabrzan would not change if they had won this game, but they would have increased the advantage over the chasing teams. Raków remains third and has 42 points.

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