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Daddy Yankee’s daughter wears a radical change of look: She copied her mother’s hair color

Daddy Yankee’s daughter wears a radical change of look: She copied her mother’s hair color

The youngest of the daughters of the singer Ramón Luis Ayala, known worldwide as Daddy Yankee, shocked everyone with a striking and radical change of look, which all her fans praised and compared her to her mother.

Jesaaelys Ayala González, third and youngest daughter of Daddy Yankee, shows on her Instagram account the spectacular new color she gave her hair.

The last heiress of The Big Boss has become a star in the artistic world, as she has a lot of talent for makeup and is an influencer on social networks.

This is so true that she has already provided her services as a makeup artist to personalities of the stature of Natti Natasha, who is also a friend of Daddy Yankee.

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And without a doubt, there are plenty of people who admire and praise her work on platforms like Instagram, because when she shared the photo of her makeover, the likes immediately rained down on her.

This is the new image of Daddy Yankee’s daughter

The 25-year-old Puerto Rican posted a photo wearing a jean jacket over a tight white top and showing off her new hair color, which went from blonde to vibrant orange.

“Switch up” (change), was the phrase he used to accompany the wonderful photograph of his new style, which of course could not miss a super glam makeup in orange and pink tones.

The fas left many compliments for his radiant image and reminded him that he accentuated his resemblance to the look of his mother, Mireddys González. “La Jefa”, as the wife of reggaeton is known, has been wearing her orange hair for many years.

“Mireddy’s 2.0″; “Master… you look more like your mom with that hair color”; “Like your mom”; “Mireddy’s daughter”; “Bella, same color as your mommy”; “Your moms twin, beautiful”; “You look beautiful, now you do look like your mother”, were some of the comments that her fans made of her, when comparing her with her father.

Jesaaelys, who has one million two hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account, is the younger sister of Yamilet, Daddy Yankee’s first-born, and Jeremy Ayala González.

The last two are the result of a 26-year marriage between one of the greatest exponents of Latin music and Mireddys González.

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