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Kostornaya’s failures with Plushenko were explained by the words “she recovered and became lazy.”

The 1980 Olympic medalist and former coach of the Russian figure skater Alena Kostornaya Marina Cherkasova commented on the athlete’s cooperation with the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko. She is quoted by “Interlocutor”.

Cherkasova said that Plushenko is not a tough coach, and explained Kostornaya’s failures with the words “she got better and lazy there.” “She had to be forced to work hard, she needed a whip and a little gingerbread,” said the former skater.

In June 2021, Sergey Rozanov, coach of Plushenko Academy, explained the failures of the skaters after Eteri Tutberidze left the group. According to the specialist, problems may lie in an unusual training system or discipline.

Kostornaya is a European champion and winner of the Grand Prix finals. She achieved these awards while training under the guidance of Tutberidze. The athlete spent the 2020/2021 season at the Plushenko Academy and could not qualify for the World Championship.

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