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Agripac invests in technology to improve production processes and inventories

Company has invested $ 2 million each year to accelerate its digital transformation

With 95% of its transactions generated outside of Guayaquil, the city in which it has its headquarters, Agripac decided to deepen its technological transformation to improve its production processes and respond to the demands in the more than 190 stores that it has in the country.

The company, which operates with its agriculture, bananas, fertilizers, seeds, animal health, aquaculture, consumer, industrial chemicals and fertilizer terminals divisions, made a significant investment in technological infrastructure.

Con Lumen Technologies, partner specialized in IT, the firm specified a Data Center service. This digital structure allows you to better integrate and manage business information. With this, it provides the company’s logistics, products and operations areas with reliable and updated data.

Agripac inaugurated its Acualab research center, in Durán

Bolívar Vallejo, Agripac Technology Manager, indicates that with this digital transformation they can know the demands in real time that are generated in the premises, coordinate the supply of raw materials for Agripac plants and know what is required to produce.

The executive refers that the company is investing $ 2 million annually for processes related to this technological transformation.

“With the information provided by the system, it is known what should be produced, how much and where the merchandise should be sent so that the inventory is optimized,” says Vallejo, who says that with this they expect a cost reduction.

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Inventory management is one of the advantages that Agripac feels when applying technological improvements. Vallejo says that since they have implemented changes, inventories have dropped.

As part of its digital transformation, Agripac also enabled a virtual store, a project that was accelerated by the pandemic.

Two years ago they entered the Peruvian market with agencies in border cities. Those two branches are online, just like the other agencies.

Lumen refers that agribusiness has been in the imagination of many as a sector, traditional and in some way very artisan, however, with the digital transformation, today it is entering the concept of industry 4.0, which contemplates an era of production of food that takes advantage of digital technology. (I)

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