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‘Enner Valencia, the Turkish beast’, newspaper AS of Spain highlights the good moment of the gunner in Fenerbahçe of Turkey and the selection of Ecuador

With Ecuador he met his best moment in the October national team break and, now, he is keeping it in the Turkish Super League.

Enner Valencia continues to work in the shade, without making noise and without disturbing anyone. Without the need to vindicate himself in each game he plays with Fenerbahçe, because only with his presence on the court does he improve the Turkish team.

Already with Ecuador he met his best moment in the October national team break, and now he is keeping it in the Turkish Super League. AS from Spain.

Less than two weeks ago, the forward received criticism for his low level of play and, above all, for his poor scoring contribution with Ecuador. His coach, Gustavo Alfaro, removed all doubts about his captain by assuring that “he is a player who helps the team a lot” and that the goals would soon come. He was not without reason.

Enner became the top scorer in the history of La Tri, with 33 goals, by achieving two goals against Bolivia. He has cleared any kind of doubts about his figure by helping his country to be in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


Valencia has no problem adapting to any position in attack. In Ecuador he played at the far left on occasion, and with Fernerbahçe he has also performed well in that area. His good physical condition allows him to move quickly with the ball from outside to inside in a few seconds.

We already saw it in the October break against Bolivia, when one of his goals started from the left wing. Although he can perform well within the area, where he performs best is glued to the band. This season he has played 17 games between his club and the national team, 12 of them as a starter, in which he has scored 8 goals and has distributed 3 assists. You only need 3.6 shots to score a goal.

The Ecuadorian is living a good moment in his career and more after adding an assist again last Sunday against Trabzonspor. A play that started with a pass from Mesut Özil to Enner Valencia and ended with a goal from Diego Rossi inside the area.

The forward has been involved in 14 goals in his last 13 starts at Süper Lig (8 goals and 6 assists). The attacker is living a sweet moment, being a beast that can with any Turkish defense. (D)

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