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The TAS returns Binacional, Marlon de Jesús’s team, to the first division of Peru and sends Cusco to relegation

This is the second consecutive year that the court must change the classification of southern football after what happened with Alianza Lima.

The Sports Arbitration Court (TAS) returned this Thursday to the Binational to the first division of Peruvian soccer after ruling in its favor and thus determining that the Desaguadero team dispute the 2022 season in the place of Cusco, which must do so in the second division.

With this ruling, the court based in Switzerland declared admissible the precautionary measure presented by the Binational last December and revoked the resolution of the Disciplinary Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) that declared Cusco the winner of the match played in Phase 2 of the tournament against Cienciano.

In the document, the TAS ordered to maintain the 2-2 result in that match in which Cusco (formerly called Real Garcilaso) claimed the alleged improper alignment of midfielder Mathías Carpio, for an alleged irregular registration of the player by Cienciano.

Cusco’s claim had an effect on the FPF Disciplinary Commission, which gave it a 3-0 win and rejected Cienciano’s appeal in the first instance, but when he had already gone to the CAS, the Conciliation Commission of the same FPF recognized that the footballer was correctly registered for that match.

In this way, the accumulated classification of the 2021 season is modified and Binational is saved from relegation by moving to 15th place in the table with 25 points, while Cusco falls to the second division after finishing in 17th place with 23 integers. .

On the other hand, the TAS resolution leaves San Martín in limbo, which went down to the second division instead of Cusco and adhered to Cienciano’s demand, considering itself harmed by the irregular decisions of the FPF that ended up deciding the positions of decline.

San Martín is one of those affected by the sudden variation in the standings, as the Saints are now in 16th place, which according to last season’s rules requires them to play a playoff against Carlos Stein, winner of promotion from the second division.

Now it is the FPF who must decide if Carlos Stein should play again with San Martín the same playoff that he had already won against Binacional or, on the contrary, the 2022 season, whose calendar had already been drawn, is played with 19 teams. .

This is the second consecutive year that the TAS must change the descent of the first division of Peru due to the incorrect application by the FPF of its own regulations, as happened last year with Alianza Lima.

Alianza’s relegation was annulled to the detriment of Carlos Stein after it was verified that the blue and white team had been harmed by the FPF by not deducting two points from Stein for unpaid players, just as he had done with other teams that same season.

That decision came when the first day of the highest category of Peruvian football had already been played, which did not prevent Carlos Stein from going down to the second division and, now that he has risen again, he sees his situation again in the air before the ruling of the TAS that favors Binational. (D)

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