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The Kazakhstan Football Federation has spoken out about the conflict between Cherchesov and a journalist

Barmenkulov stated that there are no rights in the conflict between Cherchesov and the journalist

The President of the Kazakhstan Football Federation, Adilet Barmenkulov, spoke about the conflict between the head coach of the national team, Stanislav Cherchesov, and journalist Nursultan Kurman, who asked him a question in Kazakh. His words are quoted by Sport24.

The functionary noted that in this situation there are no right and guilty. “Cherchesov does not need to know the Kazakh language, the main thing is to understand our mentality, traditions and culture. He must be able to briefly express himself and greet in our language – it is important for him to understand this,” Barmenkulov said.

On June 28, it became known about Cherchesov’s conflict with one of the journalists after a question in Kazakh. “Why are you addressing me like that? Can I answer you in Ossetian?” the coach asked. After that, a post appeared on the Russian specialist’s social networks in which he said that he had started learning the Kazakh language.

Cherchesov’s appointment as head coach of the Kazakhstan national team was announced in early June. The length of the contract and its financial terms were not specified.

Source: Lenta

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