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Javier Urriza and Ibai Martirena, champions of “Erremontari” of 2024

Javier Urriza and Ibai Martirena, champions of “Erremontari” of 2024

Javier Urriza and Ibai Martirena, champions of “Erremontari” of 2024

Euskaraz irakurri: Javier Urriza eta Ibai Martirena, 2024ko “Erremontari” saioko txapeldunak

Javier Urriza and Ibai Martirena have won the 2024 edition of “Erremontari”this Monday, by defeating Josetxo Ezkurra and Xabier Azpiroz in the final of the Sagardoaren Txapelketa, in the Galarreta pediment, by Hernani. The champions have achieved victory in two sets, 15-13 and 15-13in a final that had an excellent level and in which Urriza has been named the best pelota player of the four who have competed in it.

So things are, in the first set, Urriza and Martirena, from Aburuza, were down 13-12 when Ezkurra II and Azpiroz, from Alorrenea, scored, but they managed to score three consecutive goals, and took that set. The final began with a spectacular, very intense game; It took a little longer for the blue pair to get into the game, but they immediately equaled the advantage that the reds had marked. In the second half of the set, there were several ties, which reflected the equality seen on the Galarreta court. Finally, 15-13 for Urriza-Martirena.

In the second set, the forward from Pamplona and the defender from Lekunberri, at the long break, when they were leading 8-4, seemed to have victory almost in hand; but Josetxo Ezkurra and It was not like that, because Urriza and Martirena, as in the opening set, were more correct than Ezkurra II and Azpiroz after the tie at 13, and they won the set 15-13, only to lose, minutes later, the txapelas of champions.

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