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Find out how you can participate in the Sunat real estate auction this June 26: 45 lots will be auctioned

Find out how you can participate in the Sunat real estate auction this June 26: 45 lots will be auctioned

Among the properties that Sunat will auction include commercial premises, houses, offices, apartments and more. All of these are located in different districts of the capital. Learn more details in this note.

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The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) will hold a significant auction of seized assets on June 26. This sale represents a strategic opportunity to acquire properties under favorable financial conditions, aimed especially at investors and individuals interested in expanding their assets at affordable prices.

Where will the real estate auction take place?

The auction will take place on Wednesday June 26 in the facilities of the Sunat, located at Avenida Arenales 335-357, Cercado de Lima, next to the Military Police Court. This event is the sixth auction of the year organized by the entity, with the objective of recovering debts from taxpayers who, despite the numerous facilities provided to regularize their tax obligations, did not comply with their commitments.

The sale of these seized assets not only promotes tax recovery, but also offers potential buyers the possibility of investing in properties at a lower than market cost.

  Facade of the Sunat headquarters.  Photo: The Peruvian

Facade of the Sunat headquarters. Photo: The Peruvian

What type of properties will be auctioned?

On this occasion, the Sunat auction will include a total of 45 lots, highlighting a variety of properties that will attract different investor profiles:

  • Commercial premises in La Victoria: Four premises will be auctioned, ideal for businesses in one of the busiest areas of Lima. Three of them have a base price of S/50,652.04 each, while the fourth location, somewhat more spacious, starts at S/60,609.31.
  • Houses in San Miguel: Two residences will be available, one with an initial price of S/725,121.36 and the other, with better finishes and more spacious, with a base price of S/925,596.14.
  • House in San Luis– This property stands out for its size and modern amenities. The bidding starts at S/1,098,628.03, representing an excellent opportunity for large families or real estate investors.
  • Office in Miraflores: Located in a key business district, this office has a base price of S/412,275.45, ideal for companies seeking to position themselves in a prestigious area.
  • Apartments in Miraflores: two high-end apartments are on offer; one at S/1,033,013.71 and the other at S/510,433.61, both in one of the most sought-after residential areas of the city.
  • 34 plywood lots in Callao: These lots represent a unique opportunity for wood manufacturers and merchants, as they are sold to the highest bidder, without a base price, allowing material to be acquired at a potentially very low cost.

How to participate in the Sunat auction?

To participate in the auction, interested parties must present themselves with their National identity document (DNI) at the auction location. Registration is free and takes place at the event site. The process ensures that the winner will be the one who offers the highest offer, as long as it meets all the requirements and previous conditions established by Sunat.

Source: Larepublica

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