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US Olympic champion disqualified for eight years for doping

US Olympic champion disqualified for eight years for doping

American runner Gil Roberts suspended for repeated doping

US Olympic champion Gil Roberts has been disqualified for eight years for doping. This was reported by the official website of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

The doping test that Roberts passed in September 2023 showed the presence of ostarine and ligandrol in the body (ostarine improves speed and strength qualities, ligandrol increases the growth of muscle mass – approx. “”). Roberts was caught using illegal drugs for the second time in ten years, so he received an increased period of disqualification.

All results of the American runner since September 20, 2023 have been cancelled. The period of disqualification will be counted from October 18, 2023, from the date of the athlete’s temporary suspension.

Roberts is an Olympic champion in the 4×400-meter relay for Team USA. At the 2016 Games qualifiers, he was disqualified in the semi-finals for a false start, but insisted on being allowed to run. After the finish, the judges decided that Roberts was right and did not cancel his result.

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