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South Korea x China: see probable lineups for the Asian Qualifiers match

South Korea x China: see probable lineups for the Asian Qualifiers match

The final round of the second phase of the Asian Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup will be played this Tuesday. The highlight will be the duel between South Korea and China, at 8 am (Brasília time), in Seoul, for Group C.

The South Koreans secured their qualification in the last round. The Chinese are close to advancing. The match will not be broadcast with images to Brazil.

The visitors have eight points and need a draw to confirm their classification. If defeated, China depends on Thailand’s result against Singapore.

The Thais, in turn, have five points. The team needs to win and close the difference in goal difference compared to the Chinese.

Those classified for the third phase will be divided into two groups, which will provide a place for the 2026 World Cup.

Probable lineups

South Korea: Jo; Jae Won Hwang, Cho, Kwon e Jin-su Kim; Kang-in Lee, Jeong e Jae-sung Lee; Hwang, Son e Joo
Technician: Kim Do-hoon

China: Delei Wang; Zhenao, Browning, Zhu and Yang Liu; Haoyang Xu, Shangyuan Wang and Gao; Fernandinho, Alan and Shihao Wei
Technician: Branko Ivankovic

Check out all of Tuesday’s games:

Group A
Qatar x India
Kuwait x Afghanistan

Group B
Japan x Syria
North Korea vs Myanmar

Group C
South Korea vs China
Thailand x Singapore

Group D
Oman x Kyrgyzstan
Malaysia vs Taiwan

Group E
Iran x Uzbekistan
Turkmenistan vs Hong Kong

Group F
Indonesia x Philippines
Iraq x Vietnam

Group G
Australia x Palestine
Tajikistan vs Pakistan

Group H
United Arab Emirates vs Bahrain
Yemen x Nepal

Group I
Lebanon x Bangladesh
Saudi Arabia vs Jordan

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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