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Russians were offered an unusual alternative to classic jogging

Russians were offered an unusual alternative to classic jogging

World record holder Kotenkov advised the Russians to reverse-run instead of jogging

The world record holder for running backwards on a treadmill, Nikolai Kotenkov, offered Russians an unusual alternative to classic jogging. His words are quoted by “Championship”.

Kotenkov advised me to try reverse running, that is, running backwards. He explained that this method of movement significantly strengthens the muscular system and improves coordination. “The fundamental difference between moving with your back and regular running is that in the first case there is no shock load on the knees. At the same time, the load on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems while running with your back is much higher than during classic running,” the expert said.

Kotenkov also gave some advice for beginners in running with their backs. He noted that it is important to regularly look over your shoulder to avoid running into an obstacle. The expert recommended running on flat surfaces and not forgetting about rest. You can start training on the track, holding the handrail with one hand.

Earlier, coach Maria Volynkina listed the health-hazardous mistakes that people make while running. The specialist named one of them as running, in which the socks are stuck into the ground.

Source: Lenta

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