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Coach who made racist insults against referee in Uruguay resigns

Coach who made racist insults against referee in Uruguay resigns

Argentine coach Ricardo Caruso Lombardi resigned from Uruguayan club Miramar Misiones this Wednesday, after making racist insults against referee Javier Feres during a Uruguayan first division game in Montevideo, an incident that is being investigated by the country’s courts. .

The case occurred during Miramar Misiones’ 2-1 defeat to Liverpool Fútbol Club, last Monday, in the Uruguayan Apertura tournament, when the coach protested to the referee against the expulsion of midfielder Guzmán Pereira and also received a red card.

“Fucking black man! I’m not leaving!”, shouted Caruso Lombardi, who, hours later, apologized on social media X.

A spokesperson reported this Wednesday that the Uruguayan Public Ministry opened an investigation after the police reported an act of alleged incitement to hatred by the coach and requested images from the stadium cameras and the identification of possible witnesses. According to the country’s Penal Code, the penalty for this crime varies from three to 18 months in prison.

On Tuesday, the Uruguayan Football Federation (AUF) “emphatically” condemned the racist insults made by the coach and said it would take disciplinary action. The Uruguayan Association of Football Referees (Audaf) also classified Caruso Lombardi’s behavior as “absolutely unacceptable” and called for measures to be taken against him “as severely as possible”.

Among the criticisms of the coach’s attitude, the Afro-Uruguayan group Atabaque considered that “apologies are not relevant” in this case and demanded “exemplary criminal actions”.

In the sporting field, Caruso Lombardi could be suspended for up to five games. This Wednesday, the coach said he expected the maximum punishment, but that he was not willing to sit out five games and denied being racist.

“The only thing that bothers me is that they put racism in the mix, because I live with several dark-skinned boys and they are with me all the time,” the Argentine told local radio. Sport 890. “Told him [Javier Feres] ‘fucking black’ out of anger, because that’s a way I talk when I get angry,” Lombardi added.

Caruso Lombardi, whose career in Argentina is marked by saving teams from relegation, took over at Miramar Misiones last month. Since then, he has led the team in six games, with four defeats, one draw and one victory.

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