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Barcelona will be forced to wear Nike until at least 2028

Barcelona will be forced to wear Nike until at least 2028

Barcelona wanted to terminate the contract with Nike due to disagreement over values ​​in the contract with the North American company. However, the Commercial Court of Barcelona granted a decision in favor of the sports equipment brand, which also filed an appeal to prevent it from breaking the agreement with the Spaniards.

With this, the club’s president, Joan Laporta, will try to improve the values ​​in the contract signed with Nike. Barcelona claims that, in the agreement with the company, there are abusive clauses and that the values ​​are below what the club wanted to receive. Due to the number of fans around the world, Barça wanted to receive different treatment, which did not happen from Nike, according to the website “Sport”.

Three weeks ago, Laporta declared that he would seek to terminate the contract with Nike, which has been with Barcelona since 1998. With the club’s accusations, the sporting goods brand sought to improve the contract, but the president of the Spanish team refused to do so. invested.

“We told Nike that based on violations that were egregious to us, we would terminate the contract. They had 45 days to compensate us and they didn’t. They tried to improve the contract, but they made efforts that are not enough for us, because we know that the market pays more.”, concluded Laporta.

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With Barcelona going to court to seek a breach of the contract, Nike clung to what was signed with the club. He claimed that the agreement was made mutually and that he would be willing to improve economic terms for the benefit of Barça.

The club sought to create its own brand of sporting equipment, but the decision of the Barcelona Commercial Court prevented this action, being forced to continue with the North Americans until the end of the contract, in 2028.

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