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Trusova revealed the reasons for breaking up with Kondratyuk

Trusova revealed the reasons for breaking up with Kondratyuk

Figure skater Trusova said that she broke up with Kondratyuk on his initiative

Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova revealed the reasons for her separation from teammate Mark Kondratyuk. The announcement of the interview was published in the Telegram channel “Okko Figure Skating”.

“Mark and I broke up a long time ago. We broke up on his initiative,” the athlete said.

Trusova and Kondratyuk started dating after the 2022 Olympic Games. In Beijing, Kondratyuk won the team tournament as part of the Russian national team (after the disqualification of Kamila Valieva, the skaters will receive bronze). Trusova won silver in the individual singles competition and set a historic achievement with five quadruple jumps in the free program.

In addition to Olympic medals, the athletes have podiums at world and continental championships. 20-year-old Kondratyuk is the champion of Russia and Europe. 19-year-old Trusova has gold at the national championship, silver and bronze at the European championships, two victories at the junior world championships and third place at the adult world championship.

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