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Baskonia wins an epic match in the last second over Virtus Bologna (91-95)

Baskonia wins an epic match in the last second over Virtus Bologna (91-95)

Baskonia wins an epic match in the last second over Virtus Bologna (91-95)

Baskoniak irakurri: Baskoniak departure epikoa egin du Virtus Boloniaren aurka, azken secondan irabazita (91-95)

Baskonia won this Friday 91-95 against Virtus Bologna, in the match corresponding to the 34th and final day of the Regular Phase of the Euroleague, which helped the Baskonia players secure eighth position. In this way, those from Vitoria-Gasteiz will have options for redemption if they fail the first duel of the play-in.

With that objective, Baskonia took to the Segafredo Arena court, and was able to neutralize a five-point deficit (17-12) during the first quarter. The start of the second period was more even, going from 22-21 to 28-28 and later continuing at 38-38. However, the locals have managed to open a gap (51-38) thanks to a choral performance in their attack. But the Vitorian team has reacted, and has cut Virtus’ streak and reduced the gap at halftime (53-44).

In the third quarter, Ivanovic’s team reacted with the help of Markus Howard, of course, along with the inspiration of Codi Miller-McIntyre, sealing the score at 74-75. The Baskonistas have managed to maintain that advantage during the next and last quarter, surviving the rival attacks.

The Italians managed to reduce the gap to zero, leaving the score at 90-90 a minute and a half before the referee blew the final whistle. However, with half a minute left, Costello managed to score Miller-McIntyre’s miss (90-92). Shortly after, the Virtus team cut one point with one of Mickey’s two free throws (91-92), but, during the remaining seconds, Baskonia increased the pressure and, out of four free throws, scored three ( 91-95).


Virtus Bologna: Hackett (11), Cordinier (-), Belinelli (15), Shengelia (8) and Dunston (4) –starting quintet–; Mickey (10), Lundberg (18), Pajola (3), Dobric (3), Polonara (8), Zizic (4) and Abass (7).

Baskonia: Miller-McIntyre (16), Marinkovic (17), Moneke (12), Raieste (-) and Kotsar (4) –starting quintet–; Howard (34), Rogkavopoulos (-), Costello (6), Chiozza (2), Sedekerskis (4) and Theodore (-).

Partials: 22-21, 31-23, 21-31 and 17-20.

Referees: Belosevic, Pukl and Balak. Pajola was eliminated due to personal fouls in the Virtus Bologna.

Pavilion: Segafredo Arena, 9267 spectators.

Source: Eitb

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