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Dollar closed today, Friday, April 12, at S/3.7050

Dollar closed today, Friday, April 12, at S/3.7050

The exchange rate closed 0.32% higher compared to yesterday’s session, where it stood at S/3.6930, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In the parallel market, the dollar rose to S/3.69 for purchase and S/3.72 for sale; while in banking, the purchase and sale is at S/3,704 and S/3,619, respectively.

As Gianina Villavicencio, Foreign Exchange Brokerage Manager at Renta4 SAB, points out, during the day the North American currency was under upward pressure due to demand from the off-shore market.

In addition, local corporations showed two-way flows, taking the currency to a minimum price of S/3.6960 and maximum of S/3.7100. US$352.2 million were traded in the market at an average price of S/3.7033. Likewise, there were maturities of Exchange Swaps sold for S/700 million, of which S/500 million were renewed by the BCRP between three and six months.

On the other hand, Villavicencio comments that globally the dollar is recovering after the latest economic data from the United States on the labor market and inflation, which has caused expectations of a Fed rate cut to be reduced once again. .

So far this year, the dollar has accumulated a variation of -0.05% and in year-on-year terms, -1.88%, according to the BCRP.

Source: Larepublica

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