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Bloggers recommended exercises necessary for rescue in an emergency

Bloggers recommended exercises necessary for rescue in an emergency

Bloggers White suggested doing exercises that will help in an emergency

Bodybuilding bloggers Brandon and Hudson White recommended a set of exercises necessary to survive in an emergency. The workout program is available on their YouTube channel Buff Dudes.

First, White was asked to prepare for a chase. To do this, they recommended doing low-intensity cardio, such as a brisk 45-minute walk or bike ride. Then you can add high-intensity interval training, such as jumping rope and sprints.

Secondly, the bloggers advised to prepare your arms for a possible climb up the mountain and suggested doing pull-ups. To begin with, it is important to learn how to simply hang on the bar, then you can slowly pull yourself up, helping yourself with a fitness band, and then do the exercise yourself. In addition, pull-ups can be performed on a low bar.

To get out from under the rubble if necessary, White was recommended to prepare for this with push-ups. Beginners can start with push-ups from their knees and then move on to classic push-ups. You can also do push-ups on parallel bars.

To prepare for a jump, bodybuilders advised working the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Squats, jumping from different positions, as well as walking and jumping up and over heights are suitable for this.

Finally, White was advised to focus on swimming. According to them, it is important to do this regularly, combining different types of swimming.

Earlier, fitness trainer Anzhelika Alokhova listed four exercises to prolong youth. She suggested doing squats, Romanian deadlifts, leg presses, and glute bridges.

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