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Helena and Arai, first finalists of the Euskotren Winter Series

Helena and Arai, first finalists of the Euskotren Winter Series

Helena and Arai, first finalists of the Euskotren Winter Series

Euskaraz irakurri: Helena-Arai bikotea Euskotren Winter Serieseko finalera sailkatu da

Helena Barrenetxea and Arai Lejardi will play in the final of the Euskotren Winter Series 2024 after winning the first semifinal against Maite Ortiz de Mendibil and Frida Watkins, at the Ezkurdi in Durango in two sets: 15-14 and 15-12.

First highly contested game that the four punters have played. Maite and Frida have started very strong and have surprised Helena and Arai, favorites, in theory, to get the ticket for the final on March 11. But the Bizkains reacted in time and tied the score at 5.

With Maite Ortiz de Mendibil dominating up front, the blues have taken the lead again and have reached the long break with a slight advantage (6-8).

The last goals of the set have been the best in the entire game, with Maite doing damage with her right and imposing herself from the rest. As it is, they have reached a tie at 14 and the last goal has fallen on the side of the red couple (15-14).

The second and last game began with a certain dominance of Helena and Arai, who went ahead 7-4 and 8-5, with a very combative Helena Barrenetxea in the front squares. From the tie at 9, the fight has been fierce from time to time, until the reds have taken the lead by 14-10. The victory seemed easy, but Durango’s forward and Markina’s defense had to work hard to take the set and the precious spot for the final (15-12).

In the big event on March 11, the winning couple of the second semi-final to be played next Monday, March 4 between the Gogenola-Merino and Mugartegi Aldazabal couples.

Johan Sorozabal, to the final of the men’s singles

Once the women’s semi-final was over, Johan Sorozabal has imposed himself with authority on Ludovique Laduche in the first semifinal of the individual basket. She has done it in two sets, for 12-10 and 12-3.

Sorozabal has been more than his rival throughout the match, although he had to suffer in the first game, in which he led 2-8 but Laduche tied at 10. But Sorozabal did not fail and closed the set 12-10.

The second game was almost a walk for the one from Biarritz. With comfortable leads of 1-5 and 3-10, Sorozabal has won 12-3 and will be the one to play the final on March 11 against the winner of the second semi-final in which Unai Lekerika and Aritz Erkiaga will face each other. It will be March 4.

Source: Eitb

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