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The secret of the “chameleon” exercise has been revealed

The secret of the “chameleon” exercise has been revealed

Fitness trainer Luiza Skaeva revealed the secret of the “chameleon” exercise. Her words are quoted by “Championship”.

Skaeva said that “chameleon” is a modified walking movement of a lizard. She emphasized that the exercise has a comprehensive effect on the pectoral muscles and arm muscles. In addition, it works on hip mobility and promotes fat burning as aerobic exercise occurs.

To perform the “chameleon”, you need to stand in a plank position with straight arms, then move your left hand forward and perform a push-up, while simultaneously bending your right leg at the knee and placing it to the side on your toes. Then you need to straighten your arms and repeat the movement, changing your leg and arm.

On February 11, fitness expert Sergei Kiselev revealed the secret of the “dead bug” exercise. Kiselev said that the exercise helps strengthen the spine. He believes the dead bug keeps him mobile and flexible, and helps him learn the right skill to stabilize himself during exercise and heavy lifting.

Source: Lenta

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