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“Rambo” without Sylvester Stallone?  The actor has the perfect candidate for this role

“Rambo” without Sylvester Stallone? The actor has the perfect candidate for this role

Sylwester Stallone admitted that if he had to say goodbye to the role of the cult hero, he would like to pass the baton to this year’s Oscar candidate.

Sylvester Stallone was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show, where he talked about, among other things, who he could give the role of Rambo to. According to the actor, the perfect candidate to replace him would be Ryan Gosling, nominated for this year’s Oscar.

Gosling as Rambo? Sylvester Stallone has a vision

Stallone cited a fragment of a conversation he once had with Gosling about the cult hero. From an early age, the actor was fascinated by the figure of a war veteran. “We met and… it’s obvious that we are very different from each other. He’s handsome. I’m not. That’s how it goes… Can you imagine someone like me as Ken? It wouldn’t work at all. But in a certain way At this point he says that he has always been fascinated by the character of Rambo. He went to school dressed as Rambo and people laughed at him, but that didn’t stop him. He explained that he had a lot in common with this character.

Stallone also explained that he would give the role of Rambo to Gosling because he is emotionally attached to it. “I thought that was really interesting. That I could pass the baton to him if it ever came down to it, because he loves the character.”

On Jimmy Fallon’s show, the actor also talked about Greta Gerwig’s proposal. The director of the film “Barbie” offered him a role in last year’s hit, but Stallone was then involved in working on another project. Despite this, the production included many references to the iconic Rambo’s creation, including posters with his photos and a fur coat worn by Ryan Gosling in one of the scenes.

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