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A scandal during the LM draw. Real Madrid made a decision on the match against PSG

A scandal during the LM draw.  Real Madrid made a decision on the match against PSG

According to the results of the first draw, Benfica Lisbon was to wait for the runners-up in Spain in the 1/8 finals. Undoubtedly, the fans of “Królewski” could be satisfied with such an opponent, because at least in theory he was one of the easier opponents the club could face.

Real Madrid’s frustration

Immediately after the end of the first draw, it turned out that UEFA representatives had made a cardinal mistake. One of the balls, in which Manchester United was located, was omitted when selecting a rival. Due to this mistake, it was necessary to repeat the entire procedure.

Even before it issued an official announcement regarding the need to repeat the draw,. Real officials said their pair had been drawn legally and without errors, and that the draw should only be repeated from a certain point in time. However, the conclusion was to no avail. After 15:00 there was a second draw, during which we got to know the official pairs of the 1/8 final.

Real Madrid will not have a second complaint

In the second draw, the runners-up in Spain were not so lucky. This time, fate gave them PSG, which of course is definitely a tougher rival than. The daily “AS” reported that the club’s authorities from the Spanish capital did not intend to submit another complaint or request for a repeated draw.

“He will approach matches with full self-confidence and hope for promotion after a match with a great rival. This tie has to be played. There is no point in appealing. You have to be better than PSG and move on in the European Cup” – we read in the journal.

Of all the clubs that Real Madrid could have hit, the team from the French capital seemed to be the toughest potential opponent. The matches of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League will be played in February and March 2022.

These are the results of the draw for the 1/8 finals of the Champions League:

  • FC Salzburg vs. Bayern Monachium
  • Sporting CP vs. Manchester City
  • Benfica Lizbona vs. ajax Amsterdam
  • Chelsea vs. Lille
  • Atletico Madryt vs. Manchester United
  • Villarreal vs. Juventus
  • Inter Mediola vs. Liverpool
  • PSG vs. Real Madryt

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