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The model named a way to pump up abs on the bed

The model named a way to pump up abs on the bed

Model and TV presenter Yana Sapeta, in an interview with the YouTube channel “Tested on Myself,” named a simple way to pump up your abs without getting out of bed.

Sapeta advised performing the exercise immediately after waking up in a lying position. First you need to stretch, placing your hands behind your head or along your body. Then you need to slightly raise your upper body and hold in this position for a few seconds.

The model emphasized that for the first time it is enough to perform the exercise 50 times. Sapeta herself does 200 repetitions, which takes her 20 minutes. “I don’t have time for other exercises. Can be done intermittently, in three approaches. It’s important to listen to yourself,” she concluded.

In June, trainer Robin Behl revealed the best couch stretching exercises. The specialist advised to start with the following: place your leg on the sofa so that your knee touches the floor. Next, you need to stay in this position for ten seconds, which will remove the heaviness from your knees.

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