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Fitness trainer named a way to lose weight by walking

Fitness trainer named a way to lose weight by walking

Fitness trainer and nutritionist Alexey Falevich named a way to lose weight by walking. His words are quoted by Life.

Falevich said that for this you need to burn more calories than you consume. “You would like to lose 20 kilograms, and you eat 2,000 kilocalories a day. If your weight does not change, then you spend 2000 kilocalories, and to start losing weight, you need to spend 2200 kilocalories. To do this, you need to walk an additional three kilometers,” he explained.

The specialist also formulated four main rules that will help achieve results. Firstly, Falevich called for controlling food intake and not overeating. Secondly, he recommended increasing the load gradually. Thirdly, the expert advised to be patient, since the result is not achieved quickly. Finally, Falevich suggested finding a company that would provide support during the classes.

Earlier, fitness trainer Anastasia Isaenko spoke about the best types of autumn activity. The specialist named Nordic walking the simplest outdoor activity.

Source: Lenta

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