The Cartagena band Bogotá burns He has only one date to perform in Madrid in December of next year. The group has brought about a revolution in the national music scene with only two albums, ‘The Night’ and ‘A3 Cowboys’ (Sony Music), which have remained on the official sales list since their launch.

The musical group had just been awarded the Ondas Award for Musical Phenomenon in 2023, and recently received two nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards, in the categories Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song.

At what time and where to buy tickets

Tickets have gone on sale at 12.00 hours, in the Web page ‘www.exoplanet’tickets are on sale for the concert he will offer at the Wizink Center in Madrid on December 13, 2024as reported by sources from the organization in a statement.

In relation to the price, the price of tickets for the concert scheduled for Madrid is not yet known. However, the tickets for the appointment in Barcelona start from the 29 euros and offers context for the cost that may be around for Wizink.

In addition, there are less than 100 tickets left for the concert on December 28 next year, at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona. Regarding the one on December 13 in Madrid, the group itself has announced through its Instagram account that there are 2,000 tickets left.