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Fatal performance of Polish jumpers in Vikersund. For this, Germany is celebrating a return to the form of a world champion

If someone hoped that the Polish national team would do much better in the PK competition on Saturday than on Friday, then he must have been severely disappointed. In the early afternoon another competition was held on the hill with a HS point of 117 meters.

He was the best among six Polish jumpers, but this time his attempts were much weaker. The Pole took a distant 25th place (107 and 104.5 m) with a score of 225.8 points. One place lower after jumps of 104 and 106 meters.

Fatal competition of Polish jumpers in the Continental Cup. Only two advanced to the second series

The rest of the Polish team did disastrously and they were lost after the first competition series. Klemens Joniak finished the competition in 38th place, Jan Habdas in 41st, Tomasz Pilch in 44th and Jarosław Krzak in 48th.

The competition was won by the German Severin Freund – 115.5 and 113 m. The 33-year-old German, former world champion and World Cup winner, overtook the leader of PK, the Austrian Ulrich Wohlgenannt and the Czech Roman Koudelka. “The Austrians have already secured their seventh starting place in the 70th TCS, and the Germans are also close to this achievement,” said journalist, Adam Bucholz on Twitter.

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The leader is still Wohlgenannt (360 points), ahead of the second German David Siegel (193 points) and the third, his countryman (160 points).

The next PK competitions will be held on December 18-19 in Ruce, Finland (HS142). Live “- The new program starts on Monday!

On Monday, December 13 at At 20:00 a new premium video program will debut – “ Live”. It will be available for viewing every week on the main pages of and, as well as on YouTube and Twitch In the first episode, the main theme will be the form of Polish ski jumpers and a revolutionary change in equipment that our rivals are already using. Our guest will be, among others, Apoloniusz Tajner (president of PZN). More information available:

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