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Amorebieta is defeated against Villarreal B (3-1)

Amorebieta is defeated against Villarreal B (3-1)

Amorebieta is defeated against Villarreal B (3-1)

Euskaraz irakurri: Amorebietak porrota jaso du Vila-real Bren aurka (3-1)

He Amorebieta lost 3-1 this Sunday at the stadium Villarreal B on the seventh day of LaLiga Hypermotion.

Ontiveros, as soon as the duel began, was about to surprise the visiting goalkeeper Fields with a shot from more than 30 meters. The number 10 of Villarreal B did not fail to masterfully execute a foul on the edge of the area that served to sign the 1-0 in the 32nd minute.

After the local goal, Amorebieta took a step forward in search of an equalizer. With Edwards As the most incisive player, the Basque team tried, but the “groguet” subsidiary was close to scoring the second with a header from Álex Forés. Campos avoided the goal with a great save.

The second half started with a new goal for Villarreal B, by Alex Foréswho did not waste an assist from Jorge Pascual to establish the 2-0.

Amorebieta got into the game with a goal by Manu Hernando when heading a corner kick.

The 2-1 score changed the script of a match. In this stage, Lekovic made the third for Villarreal B when picking up a ball that Ontiveros had sent to a post.

Data sheet

3 – Villarreal B: Iker Álvarez, Alti, Lekovic, Espigares, Abraham, Alberto del Moral, Carlo Adriano (Aitor Gelardo, min. 84), Ontiveros (Ferrari, min. 90), Requena (Rodri Alonso, min. 84), Jorge Pascual (Víctor Moreno, min. 77) and Álex Forés (Tiago Geralnik, min. 90).

1 – Amorebieta: Campos, Jorge Mier (Álvaro Núñez, min. 52), Etxeita, Manu Hernando, Félix (Lasure, min. 77), Erik Morán, Álex Carbonell (Javier Eraso, min. 65), Morcillo (Luis Quintero, min. 65 ), Dorrio, Jauregi (Marco da Graça, min. 46) and Edwards.

Goals: 1-0, min. 32. Ontiveros. 2-0, min. 48: Álex Forés. 2-1, min. 54: Manu Hernando. 3-1, min. 59: Lekovic.

Referee: Milla Alvéndiz (Andalusian committee). He showed a yellow card to Alberto del Moral for Villarreal B and Dorrio, Marco da Graça, Manu Hernando and Edwards, from Amorebieta.

Source: Eitb

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