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Hibaika remains in the highest category of rowing

Hibaika remains in the highest category of rowing

Hibaika remains in the highest category of rowing

Euskaraz irakurri: Hibaikak arraunaren maila gorenean jarraituko du

The Gipuzkoan crew of Hibaika has been imposed on the promotion play-off or permanence in the Euskotren League to those of Kaiku and Zumaia and has maintained its place in the first women’s division, a category to which its two rivals aspired to rise.

In the second and final regatta held in the waters of the estuary near Portugalete, the ‘Madalen’ has repeated the triumph which he achieved on Saturday in Bermeo ahead of the ‘Telmo Deuna’ from Zumaiawhich he has surpassed by four seconds, and Kaiku’s ‘Bizkaitarra’who lost six seconds at the finish line.

The time achieved by the three trawlers in the first ciaboga has been very even, since Hibaika and Zumaia have marked a time of 04:39, three seconds less that the trawler Santurtzi. Hence, in the second feature everything was up in the air.

However, Hibaika It is gone opening a hole and has imposed his dominion. The Errenteria trawler He finished today’s test in a time of 10:45:95, he was ahead in 4 seconds to the Telmo Deunaand in almost 7 to Kaiku.

Classification of the second day of the play-off

Based on the results of both days, Hibaika accumulates 6 pointswhile Zumaia and Kaiku add 3 points. In any case, Zumaia has taken second place, since he needed one second less than Kaiku to complete both tests.

General classification of the Euskotren Liga play-off

General classification of the Euskotren Liga play-off

With these results, Hibaika maintains its place in the Euskotren League and in 2024 he will row again in the top category along with Donostia Arraun, Orio, Donostiarra, Tolosaldea, Hondarribia, Cabo da Cruz and Tirán.

For its part, Kaiku and Zumaiawho have competed for promotion as champion and runner-up of the ETE League, will repeat next year in the second division.

Source: Eitb

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