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Hairdressers advise how hair washing should be done.  Never forget one thing

Hairdressers advise how hair washing should be done. Never forget one thing

There’s a good chance you haven’t spent much time wondering whether you’re actually washing your hair properly. If you want to achieve optimal results, it is worth remembering one thing just before applying the shampoo.

We learn how to wash our hair at about the same time we learn the first letters, but unlike the alphabet, this daily ritual is not so elementary. It turns out that, contrary to appearances, even minor errors in the process of cleaning the strands and scalp can have serious consequences for the scalp and hair, e.g. in the form of excessive hair loss or greasy roots.

How to wash your hair so that it does not become greasy? Make sure to choose the right shampoo

Think carefully about the products you use, they mainly determine what your hair looks like and what condition it is in. In other words, don’t choose products just because they smell nice. Choose the right shampoo for your . If you don’t use the right ones, you can do more harm than good to your hair. If you don’t know what type of hair you have, you can always ask your stylist or .

  • If you have thin hair, i.e. if you can barely see or feel a single hair between your fingertips, use a gentle clarifying shampoo.
  • If you have thick or coarse hair, look for something with moisturizing properties.
  • If you have colored hair, look for something color safe that won’t strip the dye from your hair with every wash.
  • For bleached hair, look for a clarifying and toning shampoo to prevent unwanted yellow tones.

Mistakes when washing your hair. One detail can make a difference

It turns out that washing your hair is not as intuitive as it may seem. To make the curls as silky and shiny as they are healthy, a lot depends on the skill of washing them, adapted to their type. According to the website after consultation with professionals, we should remember this when washing our hair.

  • Less is more: avoid washing your hair every day (or even every other day).
  • Use filtered, lukewarm water.
  • Choose the right cosmetics for your hair type.
  • Before you apply shampoo, make sure the strands are properly moistened. Do this for at least 30 seconds. We will then be sure that all products used for styling, as well as other impurities, have been removed.
  • Shampoo twice and massage your scalp. To give your fingers a break, invest in an inexpensive cleaning brush.
  • Leave the conditioner on for five to seven minutes.
  • Make sure that the cosmetics have been thoroughly washed off the strands.

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