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Courtois criticizes the creation of the League of Nations and claims that Uefa “only thinks about money”

This Sunday, Italy defeated Belgium, for the dispute for the third place of the League of Nations. The champion of the tournament was France, who beat Spain. This was the second edition of the tournament, the first was won by the Portugal team, in 2019.

After the defeat to the Italians, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois made harsh criticisms of Uefa, organizer of the competition.

“This game is extra money for UEFA, we have to be honest. See how many changes were made to the ‘elevens’ (initials) of both teams. If these selections were in the final, it would have been others to play. This shows that we play a lot of games,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

“They made an extra trophy… It’s more of the same. They may be angry that other teams want a Superleague, but they don’t care about the players, they only think about the money.”

the athlete of Real Madrid also did not spare Fifa criticism, who seeks support to hold the World Cup every two years.

“It’s bad not to talk about the players. And now they want to do a European and a Worlds every year. When will we rest? Never! We are not robots. There are more and more games and less rest for the players and nobody cares about us”, he said.

“Next year we will have a World Cup in November, we have to play until the end of June again. We’re going to get hurt! Nobody cares about the players anymore”, concluded.

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