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Dollar in Peru: exchange rate opens lower and is quoted at S / 4,082

The exchange rate began to fall on Monday, October 11 and stands at S / 4.0823 at 09:07 am on the Bloomberg, representing a decrease of 0.27% compared to the close of last Thursday, when it stood at S / 4,094, according to the report of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

However, at 9:30 am the Bloomberg portal reported that the exchange rate continued its downward trend and it stood at S / 4,0791.

For his part, green ticket the purchase is traded in the main banks of the country in S / 4,000 and S / 4,161 the sale. The exchange houses and ordinary money changers, meanwhile, offer the currency at S / 4,060 for the purchase and S / 4,100 for the sale.

This decline in the US currency happens after the Executive made official the continuity of Julio Velarde as president of the BCRP, a designation that must be ratified by the Permanent Commission of Congress.

Added to that, the economists José Távara, Germán Alarco and Roxana Barrantes were elected as members of the board of the BCRP.

This downward trend of the greenback has been registered since last Thursday and was the result of the resignation of Guido Bellido to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the appointment of Mirtha Vásquez as head of the ministerial cabinet.


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