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Jerzy Brzêczek no longer poses for the victim and will not convince that he has suffered injustice

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Whoever does not criticize Jerzy Brzęczek, sooner or later will see a counterattack from the coach himself or his soldiers: that he is unfair, insufficiently professional, not too bitten into the subject, and most often – simply biased. Maybe he doesn’t like the coach or the club, maybe he sympathizes with someone else, maybe he is involved in some arrangements, or maybe he is just looking for clicks and views. The feeling of being attacked is actually the foundation of the buzzing fortress, built while working with the Polish national team, which also continued working in Krakow.

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Objectively, then – Brzęczek was relegated to Wisła from the premier league, and in the first league after twelve rounds he was eighth and resigned on Monday. Further objectively: while working for Wisła, he achieved the worst results in his career, scoring an average of 1.11 points per game. Still in the league, he won one of thirteen matches and scored worse than his predecessor – Adrian Gula and previous coaches – Peter Hyballa, Artur Skowronek and Maciej Stolarczyk. In the 1st league, he finished with the balance sheet: five wins, two draws, five losses.

Subjectively: Jerzy Brzęczek wanted to prove how badly he was assessed in Wisła Kraków

Jerzy Brzęczek had many reasons to take over the troubled Vistula river in mid-February. And it was probably partly a favor to the nephews who managed it. But I am convinced that the former selector returning to the league was also driven – or perhaps most of all – by the desire to prove to the world how wrong he was in his opinion. Brzęczek never made too much of a joke, he appreciated simplicity and honesty, so let me write this: he just wanted to shut up his mouths for a few people.

Out of a number of incomprehensible decisions made by the authorities of Wisła Kraków in recent years, the one about employing Brzęczek made a lot of sense. It was mid-February – the end of the transfer window, the national team break was approaching, there were three months left to the end of the season, and there were thirteen league matches to be played. Wisła was in the 13th place in the table – it did not tremble to stay in the league yet, but it had a small margin of error. All these circumstances meant that Brzęczek had time to really influence the band. The rest also seemed to favor him. Activists declared that they would forgive the ugly style if it was to be the price of staying in the league. Brzęczek immediately had such a position that he could position the players and everyone around him in the corners: he was coming from the upper classes, he had the support of his superiors and it seemed that the Vistula needed him more than he needed the Vistula.

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And he had something that, after being dismissed from the Polish national team half a year before Euro 2020, could help him: an opportunity to write a story in which he will be a superhero. Here is a great Polish club, with great problems, is going downhill, losing, finally firing a foreign coach and taking him. In this legend, even a white horse was unnecessary for him to step in, prevent a catastrophe and be remembered for years as the one who lifted the Vistula out of trouble. They would live happily ever after.

The besieged fortress survived

But the very first press conference by Brzęczek in Krakow could light a warning lamp that not everything would turn out like a fairy tale. A question was asked from the room that had to be asked – about the participation of Jakub Błaszczykowski, one of the club’s owners and at the same time an injured player, in the employment of Brzęczek. Their family connections have been known since Błaszczykowski started playing football, and they became more than a curiosity when Brzęczek became the coach. The discussion, however, resulted mainly from the fact that Błaszczykowski already had health problems then, and his form was so shaky and unconvincing that the appointments were surprising. Sure, if Brzęczek became the manager in 2013, when his nephew was at the top of his form, there would be no doubts and suggestions of nepotism. Brzęczek often reacted nervously to these questions. Nothing has changed in Wisła.

Already at the first press conference, and such usually drips with icing, one could get the impression that the former selector still feels under attack. So he defended himself and Błaszczykowski, although it was difficult to see in these questions an attempt to depreciate their contribution to the representation. We suggested then that looking for the opposition of journalists and noticing attacks where they are not there will not benefit Brzęczek himself, who will be a much better coach if he draws conclusions from what did not come out in the frame. Even then, it seemed that Brzęczek was fighting the whole world and protecting himself from it by building a fortress. He tells the players that they are unloved and this is what the film documenting his work with the squad is based on.

The following months of Brzęczek’s work showed that he had not changed much. The ugly style coach’s patch seemed to baffle him, so on many occasions he argued that his teams could play nicely, and he only cut them up to the players’ abilities. He had a list of arguments in his head to prove that he knew the job. And in order not to be groundless, he wanted to keep the Vistula by playing effectively – like a Cossack that will not pass the slalom normally, but on one wheel or by releasing the steering wheel. As long as the ride was spectacular enough for everyone to admit that Brzęczek can do it. In fact, he was looking for recognition in Wisła all the time, which he lacked during and after working with the staff. It was similar in the first league. The line-up, as Michał Trela, the journalist of the website newonce.sport, noticed, was supposed to be young enough for observers, in the event of a promotion, to recognize that Brzęczek not only fulfilled his goal and restored the Vistula to the right level, but also did something extra.

The wounds from the national team have not healed yet. Brzęczek wanted to ride on one wheel

Undoubtedly, Brzęczek was hurt by the release before the Euro. It had the right, because although Zbigniew Boniek made the right decision – looking at the game of the team, the atmosphere around it and the attitude of its leaders – it was hard to consider her elegant. In addition, Poland’s poor result for the Euro and mistakes made by Paulo Sousa gave Brzęczek fuel to suffocate the narrative in the following months that Slovakia would be defeated with him on the bench and Poland would play in the knockout stage. It is, of course, unverifiable, but Brzęczek had the right to such an opinion, and looking at the results of his previous matches, there was a group of people who would agree with him.

It is really difficult to consider his work in Wisła, regardless of the period when he was the selector. He left the staff and was widely ridiculed and humiliated. He wanted to prove something by force. Maybe too much? Maybe too pragmatic enough? Maybe you should have focused on efficiency? Maybe he would have done all of this if he didn’t feel the need to prove how good a coach he was. By the way, Brzęczek stayed in the besieged fortress, which he seemed to have left when in September 2021 he gave an interview to Małgorzata Domagalik in “Kanał Sportowy”. After this program, many viewers wrote that they would go for a beer with Brzęczek, because he seems to be an equal guy, much friendlier than when working with the staff. Along with his return to the bench, he also returned to the old habits. The players also picked up the narrative that journalists are against them, but also various activists who want the Vistula’s decline.

There was a long discussion about the judges in the league still in the first league, and after three victories at the beginning of the season, Brzęczek was telling journalists that they did not appreciate his work and did not notice how young his squad was and how many Poles there were. Apart from the fact that no one forced the Vistula to construct the staff in such a way, the feeling of underestimation was once again in the eye. There were no big triumphs, so the little ones had to be exposed. And when the defeats came, the Poles from the first squad gave way to foreigners, and the low average age of the team became an excuse because of pride, Brzęczek returned to the fortress.

He leaves Wisła injured much more than from the Polish national team. There is no argument about meeting the goals, because he has neither kept the club in the league, nor has he built the conviction that he will return to it quickly. He was riding on one wheel, he did not hold the steering wheel, but he fell painfully and, instead of ovation, he heard whistles. The belief that he was not a good enough selector, because he was professional Himalayas, was gone, but he is still a decent coach who can handle the hills. Meanwhile, Brzęczek did not cope with the task, which probably many coaches with a smaller name could cope with. Again – an unverifiable thesis, but in the history of the league there were already coaches who pulled teams out of much greater trouble. There were also those who fell with weaker teams to the 1st league and achieved better results in it.

It was not easy for any coach of the Polish national team to return to the league stage, but no one has scored such a spectacular fall as Brzęczek, who two years ago prepared a briefing for Robert Lewandowski, and today says goodbye to work in the back room of UEFA’s 27th league and finally loses it, what he most wanted to regain in Wisła – reputation.

Wisła Kraków’s problems do not end with Jerzy Brzęczek, however. He undoubtedly failed, although at the first better occasion he will probably remind in his own style that “the first half was successful” or “a good game moment” and eventually he will find a reason beyond his control that caused him to fail. But what did Brzęczek’s superiors do, who, after the inheritance, extended his competences to include tasks typical of a sports director and a scouting director? Now, accepting his dismissal, they actually demolished the entire so-called sports division. Pride walks before a fall – a short and unsuccessful adventure with Jerzy Brzęczek is a lesson for them as well.

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