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Arrested on rape charges, Daniel Alves rejects comparison with Robinho

Arrested on rape charges, Daniel Alves rejects comparison with Robinho

Daniel Alves is still being held at the Brians 2 Penitentiary Center, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, since his appeal for provisional release was denied last week. The player, who has been in preventive detention since January of this year due to a rape charge, gave his first interview after the incident and rejected comparison with Robinho.

“But I’m not Robinho. I’m Daniel Alves. I left home when I was 14 and since then I’ve been looking for life and solving all my problems on my own. At home, my parents taught me some principles and values ​​that guided me throughout my life. Enter these values ​​is never to act with violence. And always show up. Don’t run away. That’s why I don’t understand why I don’t get freedom because of the risk of running away. What running away? I always go face to face and with my head held high. No I intend to run away from my responsibilities,” he declared in an interview shown on The Ana Rosa Programin Spain.

The former Santos player was accused of rape by an Albanian woman and ended up being convicted in the third and final instance, as was Ricardo Falco. The other three men involved left Italy during the investigation and were not prosecuted.

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Daniel Alves also spoke about the denial of provisional release, disagreeing with the possibility of escape in order not to respond to the complaint.

“Does anyone think that if I had intended to flee I would have presented myself in Spain, or would I have traveled from Mexico to Brazil where extradition is impossible? I presented myself convinced that nothing would happen to me, because nothing bad happened in that bathroom “, said the player.

Last week, the Justice of Catalonia rejected the latest appeal of freedom presented by the defense of the Brazilian player and maintained preventive detention. The magistrates claimed that “the evidence of criminality is sufficient to impute the fact to him” and that the “risk of fleeing remains”.

When asked about the trial, Daniel Alves replied: “I hope it is as soon as possible, after the summer and before Christmas. I trust in justice, although for many I am already condemned”.

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