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Donostiarra and Bermeo, Euskadi champions

Donostiarra and Bermeo, Euskadi champions

Donostiarra and Bermeo, Euskadi champions

Euskaraz irakurri: Donostiarra eta Bermeo, Euskadiko txapeldunak

donostiain the female test, and Bermeoin the masculine, have been proclaimed this Sunday, in Ondarroa, Basque championssay of drifters Donostiarra sealed his victory by completing a long lap, in which he overtook Orio, while Urdaibai won with authority, ahead of Hondarribia in second place. Arraun Lagunak, in the women’s regatta, and Zierbena, in the men’s, have occupied third positions and thus completed the podiums.

In this context, donostia, who gave up three seconds compared to Orio in the ciaboga, has come back in the lap length, and has led Orio by more than six seconds and almost eight seconds over Arraun Lagunak, who had won the first round. Next, Tolosaldea, Hondarribia, Kaiku, Ondarroa and Deusto have qualified.

For his part, urdaibai he has surpassed Hondarribia, silver, by almost 15 seconds, and Zierbena by 27. Donostiarra, Lekittarra, Santurtzi, Lapurdi and San Juan have completed the classification. It is the eighth Euskadi title for the Bermeotarra club, which thus becomes the one that has won this championship the most times.

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