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Ivan Emelianenko wins his MMA debut

Ivan Emelianenko wins his MMA debut

The younger brother of Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko Ivan won in his debut fight in MMA

Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) Ivan Emelianenko defeated the 2007 Russian judo champion Alexei Ledenev. This is reported by the correspondent of “”.

The fight according to the rules of mixed martial arts took place in Moscow at the REN TV Fight Club tournament. The fight lasted all three rounds and ended with a unanimous decision.

For 35-year-old Ivan, who is the younger brother of Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko, this was his debut fight in MMA. Initially, the Brazilian Fabio Maldonado was supposed to become his opponent, but he was later replaced.

Earlier, Ivan Emelianenko spoke about conflicts between older brothers. “When Alexander moved to St. Petersburg, relations between them were strained. Partly grabbed his head because of this, but one and the second have their own heads on their shoulders, ”said the athlete and expressed the hope that over time the relatives would reconcile.

Source: Lenta

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