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Rivaldo: “I’m in favor of transferring Neymar to Manchester United”

Rivaldo: “I’m in favor of transferring Neymar to Manchester United”

The transfer window hasn’t even opened yet, but rumors of possible negotiations are already starting to roll in the world of football. And one of those proposals that are being talked about in the mouths of the people is for the Brazilian Neymar, from PSG, who is willing to negotiate the player on loan for next season. For the idol Rivaldo, this exchange of airs will be important for the Brazilian. Check out the exclusive Betfair ace chat.

One of the possible destinations for Brazilians is Premier League. In recent weeks there have been rumors that the Manchester United would be interested in Neymar’s pass, thinking of improving the performance of the English team in the most disputed championship in the world. “Contrary to what happened when he left Barcelona for PSG, this time I am in favor of this change”, said Rivaldo about the transfer possibility.

“In 2017, I didn’t think it was beneficial for him to leave for France, although I understood his reasons, but now I’m convinced that Neymar playing in the Premier League with Manchester United will be an excellent step for his career”, analyzed Rivaldo to Betfair.

For Rivaldo, the Brazilian star needs new challenges for his career. “Playing in the best league in the world with the shirt of a legendary club is something that will be very important for Neymar, who is in need of a new challenge.”

The Betfair Ambassador concludes by saying that it will be important for Neymar to go to Manchester, where he will be able to be in the spotlight, possibly playing in the 2023/24 Champions League. “Manchester is going through a recovery phase under coach Erik Ten Hag. They should qualify for the Champions League in the next rounds, they won the League Cup and can still win the FA Cup, so I see Neymar arriving at a more structured club and ready to receive a football star who will certainly play a role good football in English lands”, concludes Rivaldo to Betfair.

“SAF can be good for Santos”

The Peixe team has been negotiating in recent months with a company owned by the Qatari government to make investments in the club’s professional football. With no money to invest in the sport that put Pelé and Neymar on the field, the board intends to listen to the group, which manages PSG. According to Rivaldo’s analysis, “It would be good for Santos become SAF and receive investments from abroad.”

“I can only see this with good eyes. The Vila Belmiro team is not going through a good moment in its history, losing a lot of financial strength and competitiveness to be close to other teams like Flamengo and Palmeiras.”

The star told Betfair that if the investor closes with Santos, the Santista team will shine again on the national scene. “Maintaining a good base that always brings good talent and adding economic power that allows investing in other more accredited players, Peixe will be able to return to being a club that fights for titles, as it did during a good part of its glorious history”, he concludes. .

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